Know Your Position and Your Mattress Compatibility

Going with the very hard mattresses your spinal cord may get bent resulting in hip injuries or pain in your shoulders as well as other body organs. While sleeping your muscles should be resting position while sleeping but they stay in tension in very hard mattresses.

Now talking about very soft best bed for side sleepers, it lacks good support while sleeping. Thus the body organs carrying much weight don’t get enough support like your shoulders or hips. Instead of giving proper body alignment such beds submerged the body and finally your start sleeping while stomach below. But sleeping in this posture isn’t recommended as it compels the lower body parts as well as neck. It may result in problems like Lordosis.

Belly up: This posture is only recommended when you put cushions below the knees so that you won’t feel problems like lumbago. It will position your knows somewhat upraised; keeping your hips in good condition and avoid Lordosis. Pillows should not be high raised thus keeping your neck aligned with your head.

Fetal Positioning: This sleeping posture is highly recommended by physicians. Placing semi raised pillows below your neck keeps the proper body alignment. Also you must keep your knees a bit bent or also you can place a soft pillow below the knees. It’s an ideal sleeping posture and offers much more comfort to body. That’s it’s the most suggested body posture while sleeping.

The Right Pillow

You must use proper pillows and pillows play an instrumental role in keeping your body away from any spinal problems and offers the most needed comfort level to your muscles as well. Choosing the filling material is also important here and finally the ideal thickness as per your body weight. The material and thickness should be according to the neck so that it can fill the ideal space. You will surely avoid cervical problems with right pillow.

Right Time to Change Your Mattress

Mattress life depends on material and brands, however, same brands’ mattresses have different lifespan and it all depends on which type of material you have chosen and the quality of the particular mattress. Branded companies offer quality and assurance certificate to the customer and some guarantee/warrantee time is associated with it. Still there are some certain measure points which signal you that it’s the time to change your beds, like, stains or moulds may affect the mattress and cause allergic problems.  

There is a special mattress when the partner moves too much during sleep with the technological evolution in the manufacture of mattresses, especially the ones of springs, have been developed products that minimize the effect of the movement of one of the partners in the bed.