What does it mean if a mattress is a medical device?

The Benjamin

When a mattress has the certification of a medical device, it is certainly good; in fact this means that the raw materials used for its construction have been tested by external certification laboratories. Not only that, in fact must also have received the certification of “anti-decubitus ” mattress. Thus if a mattress is a medical device it means that it can be tax deductible; in fact it is possible to take advantage of the 19% deduction . Ok, but can everyone deduct 19%?

No; certainly the state cannot cope with the “reimbursement” of 19% for all those who buy a mattress. In fact, the documentation necessary to take advantage of the deduction is multiple: Prescription of the attending physician (and / or specialist), in which the state of health of the client is attested. Visit sleepjunkie.marketing for further details.

Maintenance and storage of mattresses

As already written between the lines, the storage of the mattress can vary from type to type: so, if the memory foam has a better resistance, the same cannot be said for the latex that requires much more attention.

[If the one just proposed is just an example, I suggest you check, based on the type of product chosen, which the best practice for its conservation is. Alternatively, you can write us in the comments for any questions.

Choose a good mattress

How to choose a good mattress based on your real needs. Comparison between latex, memory foam, pocket springs and traditional springs! There are factors to consider and advice. To choose a good mattress one cannot ignore personal needs. Yes, because what for me (my weight and my nocturnal habits) may be the best mattress, for you it could be an uncomfortable mattress or even harmful for your back.

If you want to choose a good mattress, you have to keep in mind several factors and ask yourself about your real needs. For example, do you know that the higher the weight, the more rigid the mattress will be?  Try to answer these questions and then let’s see together which the best mattress for your needs is.